6. Conclusion

All in all, I think we all cooperated well as a group and even though we were all unhappy with the outcome of our film it is a massive learning curve to us. Without this experience, we wouldn’t have tried as hard as we did and it’ll certainly make us work harder in future to create a better piece.

The weakness of the whole project was the production day in my opinion, I definitely felt like we weren’t as prepared as we thought which meant in the end it didn’t give us the end footage in which we required. I sure do feel like my edit wasn’t up to standards just due to me not feeling engaged with the footage as I just genuinely wasn’t happy editing something I wasn’t proud of, this affectedly me deeply. I didn’t want to edit something and have the back-lash of it not looking how we wanted in the end.


I know if we were to do this again I for one would push my shot list to be used as I feel as though I mixed the shots up well and I would make sure we all contributed to a shot list so that we all had a say in it and could all visualise different sort of things that we had thought of in our heads. Working with friends was genuinely enjoyable as there were no arguments as we all respected each other not to want to cause conflict even if we felt there was reason to argue, we all handled situations very well and I can’t fault anyone in my group at all.

The roles we all completed were up to the best of what we could of achieved as a group and I applaud my group for all dealing with everything that was thrown our way.

I’ve learnt different practices from the making of documentary and fiction film as they are both completely different aspects of film making. It was a fun experience to do two different styles. I’ve learnt how important it is to be the editor, without an editor you basically have nothing. I feel my role was important and I do feel as though I may have let people down with my editing but practise is everything. I am 100% sure that I constantly kept in contact and did the best I did to make myself proud. I know all the skills that I have learnt throughout this are for sure going to help me during second and third year.


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