5. post production – fiction film

The day after shooting, I went over to Marvin’s and we reviewed the footage together. After reviewing it we concluded that we weren’t happy with it at all and this gave us great concern as it meant we would have to contact David again to arrange another date and it also meant having to bring the actors back in to help us out.

The reason we felt like we needed to re-film was due to some of our shots being too static, some acting being a bit dry, shaky shots and just generally not being happy with it. As the editor, I felt as though I would get the backlash of the film turning out terribly due to our production day just not turning out how we thought footage wise.

I tried to edit the footage regardless of how I felt bad as I was piecing everything together I was just very unhappy with how it didn’t flow and some shots just felt too static and the shots just didn’t work with what we were trying to visualise as a fiction piece.

Marvin emailed David and found we would be unable to film again as the gallery was being taken down. This gave us great worry; the next protocol was to arrange a meeting with our tutors. While they looked at the rough cut we had put together they advised us not to refilm as it isn’t as bad as we think and it’d help us write a good portfolio and we were told on how we could improve it a lot in the edit but making the shots seem livelier than just static.


The edit was an important part to our fiction film as without the edit we wouldn’t have anything to show. I placed all our shots in order, I tried recycling some to make it seem longer than what we had, we didn’t manage to reach 4 minute as some of the shots we had got were completely unusable, if we used them it would have made our film look a bit confusing or not understandable.

I considered making a CCTV type look to parts of our edit to make the shots look better and to create a heist feel to it. I did this by youtubing a ‘CCTV layer’ (8) this gave me a green screen video of CCTV footage, I then downloaded it, created a new layer and keyed out the green in the footage and placed it on top of the shots I wanted.

I also colour graded our shots throughout as certain scenes needed a different colour feel to them to create the moods we were going for. Especially the CCTV parts of it, we didn’t want to keep the crisp natural daylight shots of them, I wanted to create a darker look to the shots to show that it was a CCTV camera. I learned how to colour grade correctly by attending Matt’s lab sessions(9), this helped me with my edit when I needed to colour grade accordingly.

Another effect in which I added to the edit was a glitch effect (10) at the end when they go to remove the painting, originally, I was going to add another CCTV effect to this but I felt like a glitch effect would create more of a dramatic feel to the production piece.

I made sure to create most of our cuts cut in a quick motion to get the feel of the Sherlock eques piece we were going for. When compiling the different shots that we got to compare Michael and Christian’s clothing attire I messed around with a split screen to show the difference but the split screen that I did create wasn’t what I really wanted and I felt if I was to add it then it would not have looked right. Marvin overlooked this process and he himself tried to create a split screen which we could use but again it didn’t quite fit the feel we were going for.


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