4. production – fiction film

For our production day, we had booked out a zoom h4n recorder, boom kit sennheiser and a dedo 3 light kit as well as using Marvin’s tripod and my canon 700d camera.

Before we had even begun filming we were faced with a mishap already. The gallery was locked and David hadn’t written our names down to use the gallery which meant nobody could authorise our word to let us in, so after finding our tutor to help us get in contact with David we were finally let into the gallery, although this was a downfall it was also a pro to fill the acting in on what was needed of them by giving them a quick brief.

Due to us being held up for half an hour we were pressured by having 2 and a half hours to set up and film our fiction piece, this created a lot of pressure with people trying to rush and not give too much care into what we were doing.

I helped set up and aided Victoria when needed.

When shooting we decided not to use the lighting equipment we booked out as we felt we wanted to make it look as natural as possible with no fake lighting added in.

On the day, I also observed the shoot with Marvin as our roles weren’t very active in production work. This meant we had some time with reading the script out to the actors for them to go over in-between the takes we were doing.

Lizzie did her role as camera operator as best to her ability as she could manage and was essentially the creator of our footage.

All In all, everyone did their own assigned roles on the day to complete our production shoot which is what we were aiming for.

I feel as though we all worked together as a team on the day and we didn’t have any creative difference wit4h one another or even have any disagreements on how things needed to be done, we all respected one another and took the time to help one another if needed. Abi kept the shoot going smoothly by directing everyone in their assigned positions and what was needed of them to create the film on how we have visualised.


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