3. Pre-Production – Fiction film

We began to research locations on where we could film our fiction film. As our storyline was a premise based around an art gallery we needed somewhere we could film inside a gallery. One of the concerns we had was finding somewhere in the time we had as we would need to book out equipment as well as finding somewhere that would be easily accessible with using boom mics, DSLR cameras, tripods ect. The Tate gallery was quickly crossed off our list as soon as it popped into our minds.

After having a meeting with our tutors, we were given the idea of using the gallery downstairs and gave us the email of David the man in charge.

davAfter a few emails between marvin and david we were given the heads up to film.


This is the shot list in which I completed from the original, this was my own vision of how I think we should of shot our film. By doing an improved shot list from our original shot list it gave us the opportunity to discuss different ideas and visions as a group on what we all essentially wanted to create.

Marvin our producer, kept everybody on task and we were all given a pre-production schedule in which we all followed consistently and kept in constant contact with Marvin to ensure we both knew what was going on with pre-production. I took on the role of going over all pre-production documents so that Marvin was 100% sure that everything was in there which was needed to be. Therefore, this lead me to having a complete understanding where we were all at pre-production wise


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