1. Introduction – Fiction film


For this term, we were given a script that had set dialogue which couldn’t be changed and our task was to create a story from this.

We came up with a few different ideas on what we could do to make a story which could fit the script and our final idea in which we came up with and felt like it could work was: a heist in an art gallery.The first thing we did was come up with character profiles of our characters. This being them coming from two completely different backgrounds; one rich and well off and the other less fortunate.

Michael Barnes – Rich, well spoken, sophisticatedly dressed, well mannered, reserved behaviour.

Christian Rodgers – lower class, laid back, uneasy history, quite forward, easy to talk to.

Christian and Michael didn’t know each other before they met up in an art gallery on a mission to steal a piece of art and along the way encounter some close calls of being caught.

We assigned everyone job roles:

  • Marvin macro – producer
  • Abi Webb – Director
  • Victoria Britnell – Sound
  • Hannah Hinde – Production design
  • Lizzie Cole – Camera operator

We created a group chat so we could keep in contact with everyone and keep each other in the know with new ideas that we may have come up with. This was also an immediate way in which we could discuss group meetings.



We had a few influences when it came to our characters;

Del boy and Rodney from only fools and horses. (1)  We felt like this was like our characters we had come up with as Del Boy’s character was a cheeky guy and always seen as trying to make money with whatever means which are all some common traits that our character Christian has. Our character Michael is more like Rodney who was more naïve and easily influenced which is how the relationship with Christian is perceived, but also smarter.


Another influence we had was Kingsman the secret service.(2) This is purely based on the relationship between the two characters. Harry (the smartly dressed character) guided eggsy (casual dressed character) with his knowledge and experience he had.   wer


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