In conclusion I learnt a lot working with my group, we learnt that we couldn’t solely reply on one plan to work in case that fell through. We ended up with having to come up with multiple plans.

I feel as though my role of sound wasn’t successfully achieved as I had hoped for, filming spontaneously led us without the proper sound equipment set up to record our sound. I feel as though this has let our documentary down and hasn’t given it the full finish I had hoped for. Poor quality sounds ruin the quality of the final product and makes it hard to watch. I know this wasn’t my fault and as a group we spoke about that. I still feel a bit responsibility for letting the team down without using the sound equipment but these films happen, you can’t predict how filming will go.

If I could refilm this with my group I would definitely make sure that we were all set up way before we left, but this would require having equipment out on the underground (risky and very uncomforting, hence the reason why we didn’t do this to begin with). I would of also to of liked to use task cam with a mic guard to stop wind, buses and car noises in the background, the cameras picked up these very highly.

Editing the sound was something that caused us all a deep stress, I felt very responsible for the poor sound. We tried many things to lower the background noise, the background noise mostly consisted of police sirens, cars, buses and people shouting all of these things out of our control and what we didn’t take into consideration. I wish I had researched more into this before filming as I wasn’t aware on how much ambience we would have. The problem with using camera the built in cameras on the mics was the amount of ambience it does pick up. We tried lowering the sound levels so it wasn’t deafening and I felt as though we did accomplish this well as a group. We took things we had learnt from craft and tech to help us achieve bringing out some of the ambience., as well as researching some sites from adobe to help guide us along.

I think as a group we all worked well together with all our communication and attended meetings whenever they were decided, everyone turned up for filming and we all successfully completed our documentary in time even if we felt it was rush. My group were good people to work with, we even attended university to edit on a Saturday which is something I think show’s commitment to the work.

We managed to make our documentary ethical and not inappropriate, which is what it nearly turned out like. We didn’t want to make it not fit the criteria but we also didn’t want to make Terrence into a joke even if he did mean the things he said, this Is because so many of us would find it funny or make us uncomfortable.

I enjoyed working with the group that I worked with as I felt we all got along and we did not have any creative differences or arguments when working together, we all heard each other out with what we wanted to do then came up with a plan for it.




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