In post-production we all came together to edit, we all wanted the edit to be a team effort and it felt only fair that everyone got a say in the outcome. The edit in my opinion was the most difficult challenge we faced, we needed to make sure it was ethical and that we didn’t make Terrence into a joke. We were careful with choosing our clips as we caught some violent swearing on film in which he happened to talk about. It was really gritty and real stuff that we caught on film, this is something that we were happy with as he felt it was something very real and not just sugar-coated and fake which is what we could have ended up with.

Our clips were the hardest things to merge together, we wanted to create a whole story from the clips, showing our journey to Terrance, then the story of Terrance. our raw clips

In the edit sound felt like the most important thing we needed to try and salvage as our film would have been useless without it. We tried to use audition to reduce the sound levels of the backgrounds noise but selecting the clips and fading them, we learnt this in Matt’s editing classes in craft and technology and this helped us to try and improve some of our clips with background noise in. Although this was hard to do as it would create echoes or create a different type of noise. We fiddled around with different sound settings to try and improve it in any way we could, personally I felt the sound was hopeless and completely blamed myself for it. My group have all reassured me that it was a group decision to film Terrance and that it was a spontaneous moment that we weren’t prepared for.

We decided that the sound wasn’t the worst it could be but also was hard to fully understand the conversations happening, we made the decision to add subtitles so that if nobody could fully hear we had a backup, subtitles make something look more professional anyway.

Our edit was stressful in my opinion but we also managed to make it the best we could, we turned a bad situation into a positive one. We kept our colouring raw to make the documentary look real and true. The colouring on both cameras is different to one another but that was due to spontaneously having to film and not being able to have both camera ops to make sure their settings were matching.

Our style of filmmaking and our final edit is about taking a chance and being spontaneous which is something that Lindsay taught us in our seminar, telling us to film whenever there is an opportunity or if you don’t even have a plan for something that has come up, just film it as you can get some good stuff without realising it and I feel like this is a great example of that.


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