We set out for filming on the 2nd of December, planning to film buskers around central. On the day we collected all the equipment we needed and had a pep talk, we all decided that filming buskers around central would not be a good idea as some places require permits and also the people busking aren’t the type of real busking that we think of when we think of busking.

While doing research we discovered that most buskers nowadays have record deals and time slots on when they can perform in certain places there is even a whole website dedicated to it. We also found out that there is specific codes within busking around London.

We took a chance and as a team decided to travel on the underground to Camden town to see if we could find any buskers as Camden is full of buskers up and down the street.

When we arrived in Camden Dominic and Yasha found a busker straight away but before we could all ready ourselves the man had started his own personal interview with us before breaking into singing us a song. This gave us no time to prepare what we were filming but as the filming went on we realised how this one man, named Terrance had given us a whole documentary just by giving us his time to talk to us. Unfortunately, this left us with the dilemma of not having our sound recording kit set up which made us rely on the mics that the cameras had fitted in.

Terrance provided us with so much information about himself and telling us about his life which gave us an interesting story, although we had to make it ethical. We didn’t want him to come across as a nutter. We have clips of Terrance which shows he could be taken as a joke and not seriously, but this did make it interesting for us to film and hear.

We were so lucky to of found Terrance who had a story to tell us and make us feel for him but also unlucky in the sense that it was a spontaneous situation and I didn’t have any time to set up sound equipment and just had to shoot. I feel extremely bad on my behalf as sound was my role, and I feel as though I let everyone down by not being prepared.

After we filmed Terrance, I made sure to set the sound equipment up and we began to walk around but we realised how what Terrance had given us we had a complete story, we had a story to tell. Terrance’s story, a story of someone busking because it’s what they love and what they want to do. Terrance was given to us when he needed him, w


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