pre-production: Research

Our task was to create a 3 minute documentary on something in/around Greenwich. We were put into groups of 5 people.  We set up meetings between our group to discuss roles and ideas. Dominic was producer, Yashna director, Connor camera op, molly editor and myself on sound.

We all went away to look up ideas for our documentary, I watched a few louis theroux documentaries on how we could approach our documentary, the technique of it. Molly came up with one on body language and on how we could do a documentary around that. Dominic had researched into different filming techniques and watched a few videos on gymnastics and came up with the idea on doing a documentary around the big gymnastics club in Greenwich, focusing on the coaches of the clubs and why they do what they do.

we wanted to film the whole film on a go pro to make it look raw but to also catch all the shots we needed, we had found a video on gymnastics filmed with just a go pro and it gave us the inspiration to do so.

As soon as we had finalised this idea we decided on we all researched and looked into our specified roles in detail to make sure we used the correct equipment to make sure our documentary is up to the standard that we wanted


  • As the sound operator I looked into this some more and decided on what I needed to make sure that the sound would fit in and be at the best level we needed.
  • Keep control of sound levels
  • Use mics, to avoid echoes
  • Shotgun mics for interview
  • LAV mics on interviewee
  • Use music in time with shots (I wanted to make the music fasten up as gymnasts

landed after their routines, I wanted to make the music go in time with the acts going on)

  • I knew I would be working with the editor and director closely on how the sound will fit in with the visuals to make the documentary come together.

Lav mics:

I did research on mics to find the suitable mics to use for us to use when interviewing the gymnasts and the coach. I found LAV mics to be the most suitable and convenient for us as they are hand free held mics that can mic-lav1clip on to a tiny piece of clothing and also be discreet about it.


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